High Performance / Classic Cars

High Performance & Classic Cars

Many customers come to us with their high-performance sports cars, classic cars, and even racing cars. 

Please call ahead to speak to one of our experts in case your vehicle requires special access, lifting tools and wheel removal devices – as well as ensuring we order in the exact tyres you require. 

Our technicians are passionate about motoring and endeavour to look after your pride and joy with respect and care. 

High-Performance Tyres

High-performance car tyres, also known as UHP (ultra-high performance) tyres are designed to improve grip and provide greater handling for premium and sports cars.

Typically used at high speeds, high-performance tyres are wider to help stick to the road when cornering providing greater stability for sport and racing cars. The tyre compound is created specifically to give superior performance and better braking distances when compared to a standard car tyre.

Ultra-high-performance tyres have a softer compound, unique tread pattern and lower profiles and in turn, this gives greater handling, precise steering and less noise on the road.

Are high-performance tyres right for me?

UHP tyres aren’t suitable for all vehicles or drivers, but if you require speed, precision and responsiveness, high-performance tyres could be the right tyre choice for you.

Things to consider when buying UHP tyres:

  • Tyre treadwear – due to the softer compound of the tyre, the tyre tread may wear quicker.
  • Fuel consumption – Your car might be less efficient when it comes to fuel consumption when driving on high-performance tyres.
  • Cost – In most cases, ultra-high performance tyres cost more than standard car tyres.
MARTINS TYRES knows how important it can be to get the right high-performance tyre for your vehicle, so if you need some help one of our tyre experts is on hand to help, please call us on 01276 856846.

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