Tyre Information

Tyre Information

General Tyre Changing Information

To find the size of your tyres look for the seven-digit number. For example, in this picture the size is – 255/45 R20. Check the front and rear wheels in case you have different sizes. 

In the example the tyres speed rating is V and the XL stands for ‘extra load’. We have more information on speed ratings HERE

Another useful bit of information is the load rating of the tyre which is shown in the example bellow is 103 providing us with this information can help us identify the exact tyre you require. We have more information on load ratings HERE

There may be Original Equipment markings on the tyre to show that the tyres have bee designed especially for your vehicle and selected by the manufacturer, see HERE for the different types. 

Check to see what brand/ quality of tyre you have. Consider if it worked for you or if you would prefer to change to another brand. We have information on tyre types here.

Check to see if your vehicle has specialist tyres for example RUN-FLAT ELECTRIC VEHICLES, COMMERCIAL, UHP. You may also wish to select ALL SEASON OR WINTER TYRES.

If you want to know how a tyre generally ranks you can check the LABEL, please ask if you would like this information for any tyre.

The legal limit for your tyres tread is 1.6mm, an easy way to check is with the border line of a twenty pence coin, at 1.6mm your tyre is 100% worn. We recommend tyres are changed before this point as braking and grip on a badly worn (however still legal) tyre can be up to 50% less efficient than a new tyre. Also, worn tyres will aquaplane across water more readily than a new tyre, which displaces water much more efficiently. If you’re ensure about the condition of your tyres drop in anytime, for a FREE TYRE AND PRESSURE CHECK and no obligation advice!

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