Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Please ensure you have your locking wheel nut key when coming in to replace tyres!

Locking wheel nuts are used by car manufacturers to keep wheels secure to a vehicle. The locking wheel nut on each wheel is used as well as standard wheel nuts. In order to remove the wheel from the car and change the tyres you will need the locking wheel nut key. Here’s an example of how they can look.

Each key is unique to each cars wheels so it’s important you know where yours is and keep it safe. They are often in a plastic box with other spare wheel nuts or in a little bag; either in the glove box or in the boot where a spare wheel would be. If you can’t seem to find your locking wheel nut key/ misplaced it/ bought a car without one provided or had your one damaged, we can remove your existing locking wheel nut in most cases with our specialist industrial tool. There is a small charge for this service. 

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