Puncture Repairs

Puncture Repair

Our puncture repair services are designed to extend the lifespan of your tyres that have been damaged and going flat.

If your tyres are punctured, chances are you won’t need to replace them, however, any repair can only take place under specific circumstances. It’s very important to get us to look at it as soon as possible so you don’t put you, your passengers, your vehicle, or other road users at risk.

Tyre Puncture Repair Regulations and Law

Tyre puncture repairs should always conform to British Standard BS AU 159, which forms the basis of UK tyre puncture repair law. It states that:

  • Tyres can only be repaired on in the ‘minor repair area’ that spans the central 60-70% of the tyre.The puncture hole must have a diameter smaller than 6mm.
  • If the tyre’s speed rating is V or above, it can only be repaired once.
  • Damage to the outsides or walls of the tyre – the ‘major repair area’ – cannot be repaired. You’ll need a full replacement.

Pop in and see us and we will be happy to check out any punctured tyres and advise on the best course of action.

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